Benefits which MNCs are getting from AI/ML

Welcome to the World of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!

Machine Learning

Uses and Applications of Artificial Intelligence and ML in Business

1. Chatbots —

2. Artificial Intelligence in eCommerce:

3. AI to Improve Workplace Communication —

4. Human Resource Management:

5. AI in Healthcare —

6. Intelligent Cybersecurity —

7. Artificial Intelligence in Logistics and Supply Chain —

8. Sports betting Industry:

9. Streamlined Manufacturing with AI:

10. Casino/Hotels/Integrated Resorts:

11. Retail —

How Companies Use Artificial Intelligence In Practice

1. Alibaba

2. Alphabet — Google


4. Apple

5. Baidu

6. Facebook

7. IBM


9. Microsoft

10. Tencent

Top Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Companies

1. Iflexion

2. Hidden Brains

3. Icreon

4. ScienceSoft

5. Cyber Infrastructure

6. Dogtown Media



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